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The whole world is going through some massive changes at the moment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries around the world have shut down vast sections of their economies, social structures and there international supply chains. Local populations have been ordered to stay at home for the duration of the emergency. These lockdowns have been designed to slow or stop the coronavirus local transmissions as there is no current coronavirus vaccine. This global pandemic has also highlighted just how important technology is to society and how connected the world really is. Science fiction is becoming science fact as a result of the technology revolutions that will change the world and make it a better place for everyone.

Lets dive in,

Coronavirus Pandemic

As part of the lockdown process, many businesses have started to work from home. Many companies are already wondering, why they need to have expensive offices in prestigious business locations, when their current home or remote working locations have been so successful. With the aid of the internet, business technology systems, networks and datacenters, you can manage a multi-million dollar business network from anywhere, including the beach, these days you don’t need to be in the office. These technologies have been around for sometime, but the global pandemic have forced businesses to change their operations model to meet the new challenges of today.

Working from home also has other benefits. We could potentially reduce traffic congestion as there will be fewer vehicles on the road.  Fewer vehicles also means lower emissions, so your helping to slow climate change. Working from home can also improve the employees quality of life as they will still have access to their friends and colleagues regardless of their location as business data flows across borders. New technologies are generating new ideas for working, but technology is also helping us to solve global problems including climate change and the coronavirus.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) disease is a highly infectious disease, which is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people, whom become infected, experience mild to moderate respiratory problems and recover without any special treatments. Older people or those with current medical issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, severe respiratory and cancers are a lot more likely to develop serious illnesses and will require intense medical care. (World Health Organisation link)



Global Society

Technology will help the human race defeat this virus as technology will help scientists and technicians develop a vaccine for this deadly virus. New technology will also help to monitor those who become infected with new national virus track & track apps  which can be downloaded onto your smart phone.  The symptoms data that is collected by your phone is then sent electronically to a central monitoring computer within the local health network and they will advise potential treatments if needed. Other new medical technologies will be developed by global medical professionals to treat those who become infected with the coronavirus.

For the last twenty years, new online businesses and social media networks have transformed news delivery, data sharing and online shopping activities across borders. Traditional brick shopping infrastructures have been declining as there online experiences have been increasing. Technology is everywhere and it`s getting smarter with each new generation of products being launched.

As a result of the coronavirus, we are starting to see a shift in global society and economic models. Many countries economic systems are built around the consumption models. where traditional products are commoditized based on the global demand. A prime example of this is oil, as before the coronavirus pandemic, the price of oil was well over $100 per barrel as everyone needed it, so society was taxed on its usage. But over the last few months, the price of oil has collapsed as there is no demand for it, as a result of the global travel restrictions and society lockdowns that have been introduced by many governments around the world as they try to slow the spread of the virus. In May 2020, Airlines are storing there aircraft and many people have stopped using their own vehicles and have even rediscovered the bicycle.


4th Generation Industrial Technology Revolutions

Smart phone

Global data transactions are still happening, whether it`s social media, ecommerce or business operations which many have classed as the 3rd industrial revolution. But this digital operation has also laid the foundations for the 4th industrial revolution. Today, there are billions of connected, smart devices in existence and there all connected to the internet. These devices include smart phones, intelligent home assistants, home automation systems, 3D printers, weather monitoring systems, smart watches, security monitoring tools, delivery robots, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence business systems, manufacturing robots and the rest of the internet of things, as its been called. But the list is actually endless and the only thing that limits it, is our own human imagination.  At the same time, we are also developing new industries like space logistics which will help us go back and explore the moon with NASA Artemis program, start asteroid mining and create new holiday destinations outside the earth atmosphere and lay the foundations for a manned mission to Mars.

All of these new technology devices generate vast amounts of new data. The level of processing power, storage and knowledge is already growing at phenomenal rates.  The impact of the coronavirus on business has been challenging, but its also forced many companies to bring their business automation plans forward. Over the next few years, we will develop new science and develop new technologies that will help the world develop new materials, new energy storage systems, new cleaner energy generations equipment, more advanced autonomous vehicles, new quantum computers, new biotechnology and revolutionary vaccines, the list goes on and on. ( UK Gov)


Future World

Imagine the day, when you can speak to your intelligent home assistant as you want to purchase a new plastic mug. Your intelligent home assistant quickly finds various different designs online. You, then purchase the design you like. That design is then downloaded into your smart homes domestic 3D Printer , which then creates your new plastic mug before your eyes. Most of this technology is already available now and many companies are already manufacturing using large 3D Printers technologies in there operations. But in the near future, these types of technologies will transform global society, business, manufacturing, international supply chains operations and medicine as the technology is always improving.

But this idea was first thought of in science fiction. We saw the same processes happening on the Starship Enterprise (TNG) and they called there technology replicators, so science fiction gives you a good idea of a potential future. Now, that’s a real technology revolution and we have science fiction to thank for it. As these new technologies will make our world a better place for everyone regardless of location.


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