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To some science fiction is pure escapism. But to others, it inspires them to look for new challenges in either science, technology or engineering. But to the rest of us, science fiction is about hope, for a better future where science and technology benefits everyone.

The human race has to evolve. Private companies like SpaceX are pushing the boundaries of science and technology and have the ambition to build off world bases. The human race is destined to leave the earth and set up bases and colonies on the Moon, then Mars and then in the distant future, other planets. The human race has to become a multi planetary species, if we are to protect future generations from global events here on earth.

The recent coronavirus or covid19 virus pandemic has illustrated that everyone on the planet is technically the same. Its nationalities, borders, groups and institutions which separates the human race into categories, but pandemics don’t understand categories and there not issued with passports either. No matter what your nationality is, we are all human.  This coronavirus will change global society and our way of thinking about global events. Pandemics affect everyone, whether you are rich or poor. Now, people around the world are being asked to stay at home, which is a massive change for everyone. But this policy of staying home, actually has a benefit, our local emissions of greenhouse gases are being reduced as people are not travelling as much as they used too. This illustrates that climate change is directly linked to human activities.

The human race needs great education systems to create the scientists that will develop the cure for future pandemics and the engineers that will develop the technology to take the human race to the stars.  The human race to work together to solve global problems.

In business, free trade agreement are a good way to start, but they are just the start. The European Union (EU) is currently 27 countries that are working together, the EU used to have 28 member states, but the UK decided to leave in 2016. The UK -EU Referendum vote was close, 52% to 48% and 52% of the UK population voted in favor of leaving the European Union.

The European Unions is currently 27 countries, which are working together to improve people lives, it uses a common rules book, currency and an integrated way of thinking. The rest of the world needs to follow suit and work together, if we are going to solve problems like climate change. Global climate change is becoming a risk to everyone as climate emergencies also cross borders.

In a lot of science fiction, you tend to read about a United Earth, where everyone is working together to solve global problems and off world issues. The European Union is a real example of countries that are working together, improving society for its citizens. The EU isn’t perfect as its still young and its still evolving, but it needs to take society with it in a journey of discovery for a better future.  Science fiction is a good way to inspire the masses, to create the ideas, the scientists, doctors and the technology of tomorrow, so that everyone in society benefits as working together actually solves problems quicker.

Science fiction is also one the oldest literary genre`s, Mary Shelley’s book “Frankenstein”, which was first published in 1818 is widely regarded as the first science fiction novel and is stilled regarded as a true classic.

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