During the day, Mark is a consultant and operations professional specialising in global supply chain management (SCM). Over the years, Mark has designed, managed and directed successful supply chain operations for commercial organisations, including start ups, high technology companies and 3PL organisations.  During Mark`s career, he has gained extensive knowledge in global operations, logistics, supply chains, technology and international trade including customs import and export operations. Mark also has extensive technical experience with international business operations and supply chain management technologies including ERP, WMS, TMS systems and Customs import and export systems. Mark is also a firmer believer in new technologies including blockchain and 3D printers, which can help to make global supply chains and commercial operations greener, safer and more cost effective.

International Trade Operations

  • Designed international logistics routes, networks and commercial strategies, which allows global supply chains to work effectively for successful businesses supporting new international clients.
  • Consulting and then developing infrastructure to support international commercial operations including creating new legal entities and developing new commercial partners in international locations.

Trade Compliance Operations

  • Developing trade compliance strategies that protects your businesses and your commercial reputation, whilst still complying with international trade, customs and compliance regulations.
  • Managing Customs Import and Export Operations including Customs Audits.
  • Set up Customs Processes in international locations, which are designed to support legal global trade.

Project Management

  • Project managing the implementing of the correct technology solutions that will support commercial operations and enhance business processes.
  • Designed commercial supply chain operations for high technology operations.

Technology Experience

  • Mark is a true technology professional and is very familiar with many business systems including,
    • Enterprise Resource & Planning Systems (ERP) .
    • Trade Compliance Systems (TCS).
    • Customs Import and Export Systems.
    • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
    • Transport Management Systems (TMS).
  • Writing technical operations documents for business processes and technology systems.
  • Supported various different Business Quality Management Systems (QMS) including ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 compliance operations in different industry sectors including medical, food and technology.

Commercial Sector Experience

  • Mark commercial experience includes working with global brands including engineering, advanced manufacturing, specialised medical devices, high technology and aviation organizations.
  • Mark has recently designed a new global supply chain operation for a high technology, semiconductor design company. Their semi-conductors will be used in various different industries including automotive, engineering, marine and defence industries.

Professional Accreditations are varied and include

  • Fellowship (FCILT) in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).
  • Professional member (MIEx) in the Institute of Export (IoE).


  • Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information. ( Contact Me)

“International trade operations can really help a business grow. But international
trade also helps global societies to develop, as it raises living standards for
everyone. We also have to responsible with trade, especially when it comes
to our environment, we only have one planet and we have to protect it”.