Mark has been a creative science fiction writer since his school days. His English teacher, an intelligent and humorous man from Dublin in southern Ireland had encouraged him to become a sci fi writer after Mark had won a prize for writing a short science fiction story during the school holidays. The following year, Mark had won another local literature prize for another sci fi short. His English teacher still believed, that it would be a great idea, if Mark were to become a writer or even a professional journalist. Unfortunately, Mark didn’t listen to that teacher’s advice and by accident ended up choosing a totally different career path, thou Mark has still become very successful in other ways. But Mark never gave up on his passion for writing science fiction. Over the years, Mark has worked in many different locations around the world and he has maintained his love of writing, either for pleasure or in business. Some of Mark’s business articles on technology and commercial operations have been published around the world in various publications, books and online, but Mark has always been a science fiction writer at heart as there are always endless possibilities in science fiction. The best science fiction books, sci fi movies and technology ideas can also inspire the many to change the world for the better. Some of Mark favorite books are listed on his Goodreads page and in his LibraryThing books catalog.

Current Writing Project

  • Mark is currently writing another science fiction story and will soon be looking for a book publisher. (Contact me)

Technology Geek

Mark is interested in all types’ of technologies including environmental energy generation systems, practical blockchain networks, new transportation systems, innovative aviation technologies, artificial intelligence systems and all types of space exploration. Technology helps to improve the quality of life for everyone in  society, it also helps to make the world a smaller place for all generations. Please see my news page (Click)


Mark has always been a keen environmentalist and has invested in photovoltaic panels and other green technologies at home. Climate change is here and it’s changing our homeworld, we only have one planet and we have to protect it for future generations, so we have to invest in new green technologies. 

Motorcycle fan

The first motorcycles appeared in 1885 and for generations, the motorbike is still one of the finest ways to explore the world. Riding motorbikes is freedom, it’s a great way to relax and discover the stunning landscapes of our planet. Mark`s favorite and current motorbike is the legendary BMW GS 1200, its simply perfect, as its the ultimate adventure machine.

“Always think safe, ride safe and be responsible for our planet”.

Space Exploration

The human race have always been natural explorers, it’s in our genes. Homo sapiens, the first modern humans, evolved from their early hominid predecessors over 200,000 years ago. Then, approximately 70,000 to 100,000 years ago, the first modern humans left Africa and started to explore the Earth. Now, we have the ability to explore space and go back to the Moon. In the next decade, the human race will soon have the technology to land astronauts on Mars and then explore the Red Planet. Mark is a big supporter of NASA, ESA or any national or commercial operation like SpaceX, who wants to explore space as that is our ultimate destiny. 

Random Facts

  • Well, I was born in the county of Berkshire, which is in the United Kingdom. (Thou, I’ll always be a European)
  • I am a fan of great science fiction books including Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse and all space and technology genres.  
  • I’m also a fan of Flight Simulators and mystery games and yes, I’m a technology geek.
  • Family history? Well, it all started in Scotland, then someone moved south and started family in England.

Anything else

  • Well, I’m not a political person, but I do believe in working together for the common good as we are all, the children of Earth.